About Plan Eco - Environmental Assessments

Planeco Ltd. is a privately owned consulting company, set up in 2006 as a result of merging of Ecoplan-Engineering Ltd. and ECOS Group Ltd.
Its main business activity is providing consultancy services in the field of environmental protection and developing of:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Reports
  • Environmental Assessments of Plans and Programs
  • Impact Assessment on NATURA 2000 protected zones
  • Ecological Strategies and Expertise
  • Environmental Management Systems and Programs
  • Ecological Sections in Urban-Development Plans
  • Integrated Permit Application Documentation
  • Concession Analyses
Areas of operation: Air and Water Qualities and Protection, Municipal and Industrial Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Management, SoilProtection,Noise and Radiation Control, Natural Resource Use, Land Use and Community Development, etc. Planeco Ltd. provides services in terms of presenting reports, expertise, environmental impact assessment reports, strategies, projects, plans, programs, statements, comments, etc.