Major Environmental projects from PlanEco

Some of the most important projects and plans of Planeco Ltd., are:

  • National Plan for the management of sewage sludge from municipal waste water treatment plants in Bulgaria and guidance for plants operators on the creation of sludge management plans, and on the utilization of waste water sludge by means of a technical guide on sludge recycling options using best available technologies (BAT). 2013. Consortium led by the German Consultant Intecus GnbH. Commissioned by the German Federal Environment Agency
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Waste-to-Energy Installation at Pazardjik, 2008, Assigned for development by Intercontinental Utilities Development and Construction-Pazardjik (under development)
  • Strategic Noise Map of Sofia (in partnership with GIS-Sofia), 2008, Assigned for development by Sofia Municipality (under development)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Installation for animal waste treatment, 2008 Assigned for development by Ministry of Agriculture
  • Environmental assessment of the city of Plovdiv Master plan, 2007, Assigned for development by Municipality of Plovdiv.
  • Waste management program for Sofia Municipality, 2006 Assigned for development by Sofia Municipality,
  • Waste management system for the Ski-center of Bansko, 2005, Assigned for development by Yulen JSCo,
  • PlovdivSvilengrad railway, electrification and upgrading of International corridors IV and X, 2001; Financed by PHARE Program, Assigned for development by Kennedy&Donkin Limited,
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Development and Implementation Support for Verila, Ltd, Sofia, 2000, Financed by ECOLINKS, Leader - Montgomery Watson, Seattle, USA,
  • Ecological requirements for Sofia city Master plan, 2000; Financed by Municipality of Sofia, Assigned for development by SOFPROJECT,
  • Choice of sites for disposal of sludge from Sofia Waste Water Treatment Plant, 1999 and 2006 Assigned for development by - Sofia Municipality,
  • Plan for conservation of the environment and sustainable development of Struma river region, Bulgaria, 1997; Financed by PHARE Program,
  • Environmental protection of Magura cave, 1998, Bulgaria, Financed by PHARE Program,
  • Environmental management plans for resort areas Borovetz and Bansko, Bulgaria, 1996; Financed by PHARE Program,
  • Program for conservation of the Black Sea Coast Master plans of Varna, Shabla, Aksakovo, Beloslav, and Avren, 1996 1997, Financed by World Bank